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One of those feminists, Alena Popova, told The Moscow Times that, at this point, “The Women’s March would be impossible here.”“The movement is moving forward here in a positive way, but of course it’s only developing,” she said.

Popova sees in Anastasia both a role model for young girls and a “future figurehead” for Russian feminism.

The program on Russia’s largest and state-run television network, Channel One, has been one of the country’s favorite programs for a decade.

Anastasia’s father, a divorcee, was that episode’s bachelor."Let's Get Married" follows a format familiar to Western audiences.

Petersburg, is not yet thinking that far ahead, however.

Asked if she sees herself working on feminist issues in the future, she said that, for now, she is only working on getting “Let’s Get Married” off the air.

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When presenters on a state-run channel ridiculed Anastasia for her feminist views live on the country’s most popular dating show, the masses might have been expected to rally to her side. Instead, Russian internet commenters not only took the presenter’s side, they mercilessly hurled insults at the girl.“If I had a daughter like this,” one You Tube commenter wrote under a video of the broadcast, “I would have strangled her a long time ago.” “Knock her teeth in,” another added. Often crass, if never boring, the reality show’s mission is to entertain and the over-the-top hosts' ridicule of Anastasia might have been expected.

The backlash against her and her campaign against the network, however, has exposed a divide in how the Russian public thinks women should be portrayed on television. 19 when Anastasia, who has declined to publicly reveal her surname, appeared on the hit matchmaking show “Let’s Get Married” alongside her father.

She said he deserved an “interesting” woman, someone he could have a conversation with.

For the ten minutes before Anastasia’s father, Anton, was brought out onto the stage, Guzeyeva relentlessly mocked and interrupted the 12-year-old.

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