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The main question I asked myself was, 'Would life without my husband be better?' I've never doubted my decision and am a lot happier now."7. Separation can give couples a taste for what divorce would be like—and, in some cases, scare them into working things out, says Andreani.Since a separation means that, legally, you and your husband are still married and eligible for each other's medical insurance, avoid a full-on divorce if "one party has poor health, an expensive pre-existing health condition or current illness like cancer," Childs says.This time last year, I’d just moved to the big city, and was at a posh political event in Westminster, sipping awful red wine with the Eton crowd. ‘We broke up a few months ago, but I’m ready to move on.’I wasn’t convinced – after he admitted they’d been together for a few years, and had moved in together, I knew it would take longer than that to get over her."My ex and I weren't ready to totally call it quits," she says.

It may be fun to sneak around, and to entertain fantasies of this guy choosing you – but what if his wife catches you?

You always get the odd troll and I got none whatsoever, all the feedback was damn amazing.'Of other new romances on the show, she teased a love interest for Harry Baron - who has previously been seen attempting to romance most of the other ladies on the show.

'Harry and his new girlfriend colour coordinate their outfits,' she teased.

So if you're not 100% sure about divorce, then separate until you figure it out.

"It's hard to turn back once you start down the divorce road," says Newman.8. While a separation can give kids false hope of their parents reuniting or make the transition back to being a united family difficult, a trial period before divorce can convince you that splitting is best.

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