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The coordinator was “reluctant,” said Bever, a substitute teacher in the local school district, but Bever was eventually able to see the material—called “Rights, Respect, Responsibility.” What Bever read shocked her.The sixth-grade curriculum said children could be attracted to any gender.

The study, conducted by Indiana University, which has a long and respected history of sex research (it houses the Kinsey Institute), took an intensive look at the sexual habits of 5,865 people aged 14 to 94 across a spectrum of races and education levels.

(“You’re taking this huge corporation with this huge policy agenda and giving them direct access to our children,” Bever responded.) The curriculum uses “they” as a pronoun instead of “him” and “her” and says “someone with a vulva” or “someone with a penis” instead of saying girl or boy.

The curriculum defines abstinence as “a penis not going inside another person’s vagina.” The lessons use scare quotes around the word abortion, saying “end a pregnancy” instead, and the eighth-grade curriculum explains that minors can have abortions without notifying their parents.

The study showed that among men over 50, 91% did not use a condom when they had sex with a date or casual acquaintance, and 70% didn’t even do so when they had sex with someone they just met.

Their female peers are more careful in general, but a majority of them have sex without a condom.

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