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A few older people in the study didn’t use a condom even when they knew they or their partner had a sexually transmitted infection.

“Sadly, I find this not hard to believe,” says Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington (and another member of the Trojan advisory council), adding that figures from the AARP show a similar disdain.

(One septuagenarian reported getting busy four or more times a week.) But unless they’re Hispanic or African American, these older folks are not using condoms nearly as much as teenagers are.

The study, conducted by Indiana University, which has a long and respected history of sex research (it houses the Kinsey Institute), took an intensive look at the sexual habits of 5,865 people aged 14 to 94 across a spectrum of races and education levels.

This suggests more teens may be waiting longer to become sexually active; according to a 2002 survey conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth, 46% of males and 49% of females had had sex by age 17.

When Ashley Bever learned from family friends that her 11-year-old daughter would receive sexual education at her San Diego public school, she asked the program coordinator for the district to let her see the curriculum.“We’re so far past the condom or not condom debate,” said Bever.“It’s like, are you going to send my kid home with lubrication?The coordinator was “reluctant,” said Bever, a substitute teacher in the local school district, but Bever was eventually able to see the material—called “Rights, Respect, Responsibility.” What Bever read shocked her.The sixth-grade curriculum said children could be attracted to any gender.

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