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He gained recognition through his You Tube channel kianlawley with over 800 thousand subscribers.

He also collaborates with Jc Caylen on their channel Kian And Jc which has over 2.5 million followers.

Andrea Russett, Suede Brooks, and Kian Lawley’s rumored new girlfriend Meredith Mickelson recently had a very big misunderstanding which ended in name-calling. She thought Suede and Meredith dissed her in a video, and ripped into them. We are likable people,” Meredith and Suede announced together. ” Meredith said – referring to new “boyfriend” Kian Lawley. “I do not want to be associated with your trash name.

“Actually it’s true.” “People just like us because we are likable. “I am pretty sure the whole public can guess this one! On her official secondary Twitter, Andrea ripped into the pair. “You talked about me as if your name crosses my mind for one second of the day! They went on Twitter and posted video proof of what they REALLY said during the audio muting.

We’re not saying that Kian and Ethan are besties or anything, but they hang out occasionally and consider each other friends. Then at a young age, his family moved to San Clemente, California, where he would grow up and meet his best friend, Sam Pottorff.They soon would create a You Tube channel, Super Kian13, which is now simply titled "Kian Lawley". While living our life, we meet different people, and among them, we choose one as our companion to spend our life.Somewhere in between the journey, one can find a perfect partner who can be imperfect for them in the future. No matter how hard times you are going through or how much you are hurt, you still need to move on. If you have followed Andrea Russett on social media, you must have known her ex-boyfriend Kian Lawley. They even took different social networking sites to flaunt their relationship where they seemed to be enjoying a blissful relationship.

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