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She's got six kids and loves to meddle in their lives", Brandon says. Although, after one day of shooting, she wouldn't speak to me for two weeks".

Still, he manages to be philosophical about Fary's meddling. Nadia says in many ways her mom steals the show on Dirty Soap.

The couple are self-confessed homebodies and spend most of their time in the kitchen whipping up healthy meals or lazing in front of the fireplace.

They also enjoy weekly poker evenings with the likes of fellow soap stars Zack Conroy (Oliver, The Bold & The Beautiful), Christian Le Blanc (Michael, The Young & The Restless) and John Mc Cook (Eric, The Bold & The Beautiful) who lives just down the street. We sometimes get deer running through the streets", Brandon says.

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There have been a few tough moments, Brandon admits, such as camera crews arriving at their door every morning at and following them around all day.

"Some people like to renovate before they move in, but we wanted to wait so we could get a feel for what bothered us before changing things", says Nadia, who recently left Days of our Lives but will be on SA screens for a few more years.

But, living through the renovation was tougher than they'd imagined.

"Brandon and I aren't ready to get married or start a family just yet. Like we always say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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