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Darshana Kapoor walked near the riverbank after swimming in the Ganges River in Haridwar town.

It is one of the most important places for the Hindu religious group in India.

Die gezeigten Wetter-Informationen sind sogenannte Punkt-Termin-Prognosen. Wetter, Temperatur, Windrichtung und Geschwindigkeit, Luftdruck, relative Luftfeuchte und Bewölkungsgrad werden für den jeweiligen Ort (Punkt) zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt (Termin) auf der Zeitachse angezeigt.

Die Niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeit und die Niederschlagsmenge dagegen beziehen sich immer auf die gesamte Stunde.

The system consists of five modules, which not only help to raise efficiency but also enhance safety in the warehouse – just like the Easy Access access control system.

"My faith [strong belief] brought me here, but when I saw garbage floating in the river, I felt so bad. The river's condition disappoints thousands of people who come to the town.

They were hoping to see results from a -billion cleanup project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Ganges River starts in the Himalayan Mountains, but those cold, clean waters become polluted as they travel through the plains of north India.

Ganesh Singh owns a shop along the riverbank in Haridwar.

He said there have been efforts to educate the people about not dumping waste into the river.

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