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Adapted from the chick-lit favorite by Jennifer Weiner, this seriocomic sob story of wildly different sisters and their estranged grandmother is a throwback to old-fashioned melodramas about the family ties that bind.

Once upon a time, Curtis Hanson's sure-handed storytelling and the cast's rock-solid performances would have been taken for granted.

The Wilson's donated their collection to AMOCA and it was exhibited for the first time in October 2012.

At the opening Isabella von Boch, the youngest sibling of the family that now manages the Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach Factory, declared that "this was the largest and most comprehensive collection in the world." Panorama of the Pomona Valley mural (1956, paint on canvas) is part of AMOCA's Permanent Collection.

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Armstrong's father died in 1966, and in 1969, he changed the family furniture business into Armstrong's Gallery.

Instead she attended University of California, Los Angeles and became a teacher in Los Angeles.

Collette was instrumental in starting the Royal Worcester collection also donated to AMOCA.

Skelton's subject matter in painting was clowns which became the subject of a series of collector plates.

For 23 years, Armstrong produced and distributed Red's limited edition ceramic collectibles through the use of ceramic decals fired onto porcelain.

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