Creationists carbon dating wrong dating and marriage books

As a human race, some of us are so arrogant that we’d rather deny our spirituality and morality than to accept that we are created, because really, that’s why the theory of evolution was postulated as an alternative to creation in the first place.This is a standard creationist trick: try to claim that evolution was just invented to explain away the creator deity of the Bible and thereby scare people away from understanding the science.

Long-term carbon dating has serious problems with the assumptions it makes.

The real creationist arguments is that these methods make assumptions, including amount of initial material, that rocks are closed systems and that the constant decay rates.

In reality, these are not arbitrary assumptions, but can be tested by looking at the material and measuring supernovas.

If we are descended from apes and amoebas, then we are creatures, animals, just as they are.

We do not truly have consciences or morality — these things would be human constructs created by our instinct.

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