Currency updating application

You can change the time zone for a Web site by using the Regional Settings page.

For more information about how to set time zones, see Configure settings for a Web application (Share Point Server 2010).

Share Point Server 2010 uses the following types of regional settings: locale, time zone, sort order, calendar, and currency.

Although currency is not a regional setting per se, the default value of the currency is determined by the locale you specified in your regional settings.

Digi Byte (DGB) is a public, decentralized blockchain that is up to 40x faster than Bitcoin.

Digi Bytes are digital cryptocurrency assets that can be sent over the Digi Byte Blockchain.

The schema name and early bound class for this entity is Organization. The values set for these attributes control behaviors for the organization.

You can specify the sort order that you want to use for your Share Point sites.This topic supplements the information that is included in specific updates.Different updates can affect different components of Microsoft Dynamics AX.You can specify the type of calendar that you want to use as your primary calendar for your Share Point sites.You can change the calendar for a Web site by using the Regional Settings page.

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