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Fast forward to our days and stevia takes 40% of the sweetener market share in Japan, being used extensively in homes and commercial soft drinks. would you be surprised to learn that the Japanase are also using stevia as a treatment for type 2 diabetes? The Stevia Diabetes Connection Researchers found that One research studying the effects of stevia, aspartame, and sucrose on food intake, satiety, and postprandial glucose and insulin levels found similar results and showed that compared to sucrose or aspartame consumers, human stevia consumers had lower post-meal blood sugar levels and much lower post-meal insulin levels. The stevia-consuming group didn’t have any of the sweet cravings sugar and some alternative sweeteners induce, and their blood-sugar profile was more stable.

This cheap sugar alternative comes directly from the soil, is very easy to grow on your own, and is claimed to be successfuly used for centuries by Latin American natives.

Researchers impaired the memory of mice through the use of scopolamine (an I’d be very interested to read further studies about the effects of stevia on memory preservation on humans.

Who knows, perhaps an unexpected alternative treatment for Alzheimer was right under our nose all this time?

This suggest to us that stevia and diabetes have more to do than we previously thought.

Not only is it a good zero-carb diabetes-friendly alternative for sugar, but it actually helps increasing insulin sensitivity, which is especially helpful for insulin-resistant diabetic people.

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