Dating a ibanez ts808

Maxon (Nisshin Onpa) started out in the mid 1960s as a guitar pickup manufacturer.

In 1969 they also became an effects pedal manufacturer, primarily as a producer of OEM products for other companies.

Prior to this pedal and a few of its immediate predecessors, you could goose your amp with a treble booster, or hair it up with a fuzz pedal, but there was little in-between to emulate gentle, natural tube distortion the way the TS series did so well.

As a result, this green box has arguably been one of the most copied pieces of gear in the history of rock ’n’ roll, and original examples remain enormously sought after to this day.

Tone-wise, different models tended to progress from being warm and smooth to being relatively brighter and slightly gainier, but they all chased the same approximate sonic goal.

While the original TS-808 remains king, all iterations have had their fans: Eric Johnson has often had a TS9 on his pedalboard, and Stevie Ray Vaughan rolled from TS-808 to TS9 to TS10 as new models arrived through the course of his career.

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Maxon is the name used by the Nisshin Onpa company of Japan for its line of effects pedals designed for guitar and bass.

The unrelated Maxon Corporation is a major global supplier of industrial heating equipment [1].

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