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Which means that a lot of people get married and divorced several times, thus skewing the stattistic of "what are the odds that YOUR marriage will last? As for dating, the distance thing hurts, but I've found that they're willing to put up with it for someone that is fun. It all depends on the type of person you are, but in terms of who can deal with their spouce being away alot, I have heard FA's and Pilots go well together because they just simply understand each other more.The nature of our job gives us enough time to do other things and still be "interesting" to a girl (or guy), as opposed to someone that hangs out in a cubicle all day and has the same people to their left and right all the time. This is different with everyone, but we all know many pilot's and FA's who are married..who were married.Alright folks, we always see alot of stuff about carrying on marriages and families as an airline pilot, and the difficulties involved in it. How hard is it to meet new people and date them, find someone to fall in love with, etc.???I alway thought there could be two sides to it: The first is that with being away from home alot, that it'll be somewhat difficult to have a really active social life.I havent had any trouble meeting and finding time to date while I have been working here. Try to go more than 20 minutes before she finds out you're a pilot..she was starting to warm up to you anyway, that should sink the hook Also avoid the FA's...marry one of those and you're doomed.Sometimes being gone for 3-4 days on a trip and then coming home is nice. Once she starts popping out the puppies do you think she's going to want to go to work?

screwing a psycho FA on an overnight, dating multiple people, etc.).

I work at least 50 hours a week and travel a fair amount.

The last guy I dated was a nice guy but he couldn't seem to deal with that.

That's on the high side for the m-f job and not subtracting out vacations or holidays off. I have yet to hear of an airline that has "flex" time, or whatever you wish to call it. For example, I started dating a mechanic at the commuter I worked for.

If my 10 hour day turned into a 16 hour day, I can't just take 6 hours off next week or whenever I choose. We completely avoided the work gossip because we were not secretive about it like a lot of people dating at work were. He has since started flying and is now at another regional.

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