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In too many organizations, toadyism is buried like a cancer.

We need a force that has RESTRAINT without a GLASS JAW.

B EVERY WEEK is being spent in Iraq alone, that's 8B/year 5 years = 0 B Most of the $$$ is going to military people and junk weapons profiteers.

Willing victims and victim-izers all using Amero Fascistist pride and sunk cost excuses to keep on occupying a country that doesn't belong to us and propping up a Islamic Shia factionocracy that the majority of the Iraqi people do not support. America's Economic Addiction to War Defintely Iraq will be the biggest quagmire EVER for the American people EVER all thanks to flag-waving, "christian" Satanist GWB.

Imad Shakir Mahmoud who died whilst stopping a suicide bomber on Sunday, May 15, in the city of Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad in Iraq Sunday, May 22, 2005. EFFECT #1: Americans and Iraqis Dying...(the ones not hunkered down in comfy base camps) The video below taken from places in Iraq tells the whole story: Iraqi Freedom" to the rank & file (weak, economic co-dependents) and their alleged "leaders" (narcissistic, egomaniac, careerist bureaucrats) is American BS garrison life in comfy barracks transplanted to Iraq with extra pay & benefits. As the above Do D graphs from Chuck Spinney of DNI shows, with the American nation-state big war Soldier unwanted presence continues, oil continues to flow but IRAQI CIVILIANS CONTINUE TO DIE IN LARGE NUMBERS.

(AP) Is it just us, or haven't more people been killed by bomb blasts in Iraq than anything else? The INCREASE in Iraqi civilian deaths matches the rise of the so-called "security troops" being fielded by the weak central, puppet government of Iraq.

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