Dating russian new york city

Obviously the Russian guy was slipping out to see either his wife or his second girl-friend.

Deidre ended by giving a list of qualities which she thought were common (she was careful not to say universal) in Russian men.

Despite all this, when pressed, Deidre confessed that she still loved him.

Most Westerners would infer from that story that this Russian man at least, forgetting the 70 million others, was a petulant, egocentric child who has trouble selling his paintings. She concluded that infantilism is general in Russian men, and that most of them are “Mummy’s boys”.

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Even if I had a conversation with another guy, he’d be jealous.

And I think he was jealous of my boss.” The relationship ended when Deidre flew to Paris for a month, as she has done every June for many years.

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They are conformist, lazy, too fond of drink and are not good in bed, a point which raised an approving shout of laughter from the Russian women in the audience.

By this, Deidre meant that they do not like cunnilingus, which she considers “pretty well standard operating procedure.” The painter had once said to her that he would do it for her only if she “guaranteed results”.

Nonetheless, the large number of Russian women in the audience seemed to agree with most of what she said about their menfolk.

The first indication that Deidre’s expectations with the painter were going to be upset came on the morning after the party when he announced he was in love, despite the fact that he was ten years younger than her, had never known her sober and was himself already married. “He stormed out of the flat, in a fury, slamming doors, and I never expected to see him again. He would do crazy things like send flowers and the note on the flowers would say, ‘I am down stairs, let’s go and karaoke.’ I ignored everything.” Then the painter did the Russian version of climbing up the drainpipe.

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