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Over 500,000 were produced for various countries during World War II. Marines and Navy the Victory Model became the only ticket home and their best defense, next to their brain, against capture.Generally, not always, they are recognizable by the loop for the lanyard under the grip. chambered in the .38 Special cartridges all Victory guns were hard-hitting.Back to the basics is my rally cry and let us start with learning to shoot again.Let us start with a great gun that just simply shoots bullets – the Smith & Wesson Model 10.The .38 Hand Ejector was chambered in the under-powered .38 Long Colt cartridge.Smith and Wesson responded by upgrading several internal parts and to the .38 Special cartridge and the gun became the .38 Military & Police (M&P).

If you are lucky enough to find one of these, do not try to shove a .38 Special in it. Following the war, this gun would become the Glock of the law enforcement world long before Gaston Glock created his first shower curtain ring.

It was the gun carried by the majority of street officers for almost four decades.

Like the Glock it is not pretty, it is a simple, clean and effective tool.

The work on this gun would not end for many years it just got better.

By 1915 it was on its 4th revision and by 1919 its 5th.

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