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Or do we want to be more committed to our joy, happiness, and freedom? It can be really really hard to end them if you don’t know how.

You will likely be given the task of cutting the umbilical cord: It’s tougher than it looks.

“As soon as they will let you, go to the neonatal unit. boobie-nom-noms) for women is feeling safe and relaxed, and you help with this by helping her know that she and the baby are safe. Neither is up for a party — this is when you get to put on your best Samuel L. You’re not just a husband any more, you’re a father too.

Ask if you can do the first feeding, and the skin-to-skin warming (it beats the hell out of the Mc Donald’s heat lamps). Faster than you’ll think possible, family and friends will descend on the room, demanding to see, cuddle, anoint, and fondle your child.

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(Note: while he refers specifically to a C-section, most of it also applies to natural birth scenarios).

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