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This overnight, rolling rating system takes into account players' ratings *There are 4 ratings run periods each year which fall into 2 competition seasons - summer and winter.

The summer season runs from April 1 to August 31 and the winter season from September 1 to March 31.

The ratings are designed to reward you for competing, inspire you to develop your game and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and to be the best you can be. These wins can be achieved at any time and may include wins from mixed singles matches as well as from yellow ball 'timed tennis' format competitions.

If you are a player with a rating of 8.2 or higher you have the opportunity to increase your rating by one level 4 times a year in the automated ratings runs.The quarterly runs look at results recorded from the beginning of the competition season up to a (published) mid-season cut off date.Players are more likely increase their ratings at the end of a competition season than during the shorter mid-season periods.Results used to increase your rating in the mid-season calculation will also be used for the end of season review as this takes into account competitive activity over the entire winter or summer competition season.Ratings runs always look at players' ratings as they stand at the time of the run.

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