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Results from mid-season runs are included again in the end of season run, taking into account players' mid season adjustments.The calculations looks at players' ratings as they stand when the run actually takes place.The ratings are designed to reward you for competing, inspire you to develop your game and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and to be the best you can be. These wins can be achieved at any time and may include wins from mixed singles matches as well as from yellow ball 'timed tennis' format competitions.Your rating will automatically change once you have the correct number of wins and results have been recorded on your player profile.For most competitions ratings takes precedence over rankings for both acceptance and seeding.

An adult player’s rating can decrease but not to a level lower than 6.2.

Mid-season ratings runs take place half way through each of the two main summer and winter competition seasons.

Mid-season runs provide players who are recording sufficient good results to progress more quickly up the ratings levels without having to wait until the end of the competition season.

This rating may not be automatically assigned since each application is reviewed in the light of match results on record for that player.

It is only possible for players to request a rating using the self-assessment form once.

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