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I really think it evolves and in time works out, but that it is just a lot of support by the parents/grandparents and reassurance to the child that there is nothing wrong with them, a lot of kids have this issue and in time it will work itself out.

He likes me to stay up until he is asleep, i often lay with him and end up staying in his room all night, if we go on holiday he gets quite anxious about the room not having a tv, he feels better if the tv is on when he falls asleep. I no i have got to get tough with him and try and leave him to get to sleep on his own but i cannot face the anxiety it causes him at times.We think eventually she will gain the confidence to shut the TV off. I am the original post and did feel so helpless, it is finally happening! I feel your pain, my grand daughter is almost 14 and she has no mum and dad and has had and awful past with drugs and abuse involved in the child hood.She is unable to sleep around her friends and can only sleep with me! She will stay up all night crying like a baby, does anyone think this could be because of her past? I think it is a "true" anxiety and as the previous girl who is 12 posted, she hates it.She is able to sleepover at her friends houses and she has friends sleepover, as long as they are sleeping with her. We have taken our daughter to see her pediatrician and to a psychiatrist with no help. I do give her melatonin, but that just makes her fall asleep, it does not keep her asleep.We have discussed talking to someone, she states "Im not crazy" I don't need to talk to some stranger. she constantly is in a state of panic when she awakens at night.

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