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In the first census taken in 1824, it was revealed that the Malays (including the Bugis) then made up 60.9 per cent of the total population of 10,683.Further census figures of Singapore in the following few years showed rapid increase in population, particularly Chinese migrants with a disproportionate number of men.

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While the sultan was the nominal ruler of his domain, senior officials actually governed the sultanate.The Orang Kallang (also called the Orang Biduanda Kallang) lived in the swampy areas in the Kallang River.They lived on boats and sustained their lives by fishing and collecting other materials from the forests.The territory controlled by the Johore Riau Lingga Pahang sultanate in the late eighteenth century still included Singapore as part of its territory.The sultanate had become increasingly weakened by a division into a Malay faction, which controlled the peninsula and Singapore, and a Bugis faction which controlled the Riau Archipelago and Sumatra.

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