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Sarah Moore: During my birth a pillow was put over her head, she was given major tranquilizers and as soon as I was born I was taken away instantly. Anne Hamilton-Byrne did have one child of her own; a daughter, who was a young adult by the time Hamilton-Byrne started her cult. because Auntie Anne was actually naturally a red headed [sic]. "The cult's home movies made it seem like a paradise, but Sarah Moore and Anouree Treena-Byrne say they were carefully orchestrated.Later on, when Anne was in her 50s, she'd sometimes explain the arrival of new children by telling followers that Dave Whitaker: She's just looked me straight in the face and said, "I had these three children" and I'm thinking, "You didn't have those three children. Steve Eichel, a psychologist and an internationally recognized cult expert, says at its peak, The Family had branches in the United States and in multiple countries in the world. Sarah Moore: …she'd sometimes brush our hair herself …You must think I'm a bloody idiot to tell me that." [Laughs] But I just said, "Oh yes, OK," agreed with her. The children who were adopted by Anne were all given the last name of Hamilton-Byrne and believed they were brothers and sisters. Sarah Moore: I think she simply set about it as a project. Once she became the leader of the cult I think she could get whatever she wanted, I think one thing that she wanted was lots of little children. Steve Eichel: Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the leader of what we would call a hybrid new age cult. Steve Eichel: To me that represents children who are clearly being controlled who are having their individual identities destroyed. or put us in curlers the night before the photographs and stuff were to be taken. Peter Van Sant: In some ways, this is like a marketing campaign?…little perfect little children in perfect little dresses, with perfect little blond hair. Peter Van Sant: I wanted to show a couple of pictures from The Family. Anouree Treena-Byrne: So much effort to get that scene on film. Steve Eichel: It's absolutely a marketing campaign.She created a new persona -- a new age guru available to those in need of spiritual guidance. Anne had received some inside information after having sex with Johnson's gardener, but pretended she was clairvoyant and Dr. Sarah Moore: …she appears at his door in the middle of the night saying that she knows that he is going to go to India with his wife and the wife is going to get sick over there and that she is the messiah and after that he was hers.But she needed credibility and zeroed in on a highly respected British physicist and author, Dr. Convinced Anne was a messiah, Johnson began sending her referrals -- students and friends, some of whom were suffering personal crises. It was an enchanting voice full of depth and love and encouragement. Fran Parker: We didn't think of ourselves as a cult …

He is here to retrace the steps of the biggest case of his career -- hunting down a dangerous fugitive cult leader. Now, some of the cult's children are telling their stories of what life was like inside The Family's fenced-in compound in Australia with its leader Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Dave Whitaker had parents who were senior cult members.

Leeanne Creese: Anne showed them to her followers … …So these nurses would put him outside in the cold at night.

showing off to the world that she's normal with lots of children -- lots of happy children. Hamilton-Byrne -- who would never be mistaken for Julie Andrews -- nonetheless dreamed her children could one day become Australia's version of the Von Trapp family from the film "The Sound of Music."Adam Lancaster: We were brought up that we've had many millions of lives. Anouree Treena-Byrne: One could never be sure what could happen next … Michael Stevenson-Helmer: Anne was waiting for me, and just welcomed me, and took me in …

Now, some of those children are speaking out about Hamilton-Byrne's attempt to build a perfect race through a collection of children -- some of whom were forced to have their hair bleached blonde, were home-schooled on an isolated property, and were injected with LSD as part of an initiation ritual.

The harsh treatment was carried out by some of the women known as "Aunties," loyal cult members who lived with and taught the children.

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