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She is also a day dreamer, and romantic at heart who loves TV, food and family.

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So you can imagine my complete and utter confusion when after we attended what I assumed to be quite a fun party last Saturday, she turned to me in the car and asked “Glory is there something wrong with me? I only seem to attract married men or guys in relationships. Take today for example, no guy came to talk to me, not even one! Tunde, who coincidentally is Temi’s brother, is always complaining about how Lagos girls no longer let men chase them.

” At first I thought she was referring to her make up but the look in her eyes told me she meant something entirely different. The other day he was telling Temi and I about a girl who had approached him at a bar, took his number and called him the very next day offering to take him out for drinks and pay.

When you use do like this, you put what at the beginning of the sentence, followed by a noun or noun phrase and the auxiliary verb do.

After do, you put is or was and an infinitive with or without to.

Other potential causes of blocked Fallopian tubes: So how do you heal unblock tubes. It is a great time tested remedy and addition to any cleanse program, that helps with insomnia, scarring, painful joints, ovarian cysts, fibroid, gall bladder or liver disorders, digestive issues and constipation Castor oil therapy helps the Fallopian tubes to soften the tissues and increase circulation to the area. Below is a step-by-step description on how to apply castor oil packs for unblocking tubes : 1.

I say this with the deepest regard for all the single men folk out there…I must ask…PLEASE WHERE ARE ALL THE SINGLE MEN??? These days you are lucky if the bar man even notices you. Now you go for parties and all the men are huddled in one corner and so are the women, the women eyeing up the men and the men discussing football, completely uninterested in the women. A very good friend of mine moved back to Lagos from the States, about a year ago and in a bid to re-enter the Lagos social scene has been meeting up at various events with her old friends, me included.

Now this particular friend of mine (let us call her Temi) is one of the hottest girls on the planet…Halle Berry ain’t got nothing on her! I couldn’t imagine someone like Temi would have any sort of problems meeting guys, in fact I thought her problem would be the exact opposite.

For example, instead of saying 'Carolyn opened a bookshop', you can say 'What Carolyn did was to open a bookshop' or 'What Carolyn did was open a bookshop'.5.

repeating 'do'In questions and negative clauses, you often use do twice.

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