Mary murphy and nigel lythgoe dating

It’s been proven time and again that dance is a powerful art form that can change lives, inspire hope and evoke an emotional response.

Keeping the subject matter safe — especially in our current cultural climate — is not the right move if the show wants to stay relevant: Mary Murphy, through all her personality and flash, has never been known to keep things safe.

Since her departure, the program shuffled format and judges regularly, with the likes of Jason De Rulo and Paula Abdul taking seats next to Nigel Lythgoe as the show’s theme changed: From Season 12’s “Stage vs.

Street” to Season 13’s “Next Generation” focus on child dancers.

For “SYTYCD,” the reunion of Murphy with Lythgoe is of an emotional importance that should bridge the chemistry with the contestants, with host Cat Deeley and, most ideally, with each other.

We have hopes Murphy’s return will nudge the show back into boundary-pushing territory.

Sidelining the show’s signature variety for more commercial and acceptable styles hasn’t seemed to help the program any — each contemporary routine feels more and more like the previous one.

RELATED: Big talent comes in small packages on ‘So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation’ And we’d be remiss not to mention the similar talent shuffling that transpired on “American Idol” in its final seasons: The dynamic of its original judges — no matter how contentious things got between Simon, Randy and Paula — made the show what it was.

On top of all that, “SYTYCD” has steadily moved away from highlighting more obscure dance styles — remember when Russian folk dancing was a category?

— with a bigger emphasis on popular dance styles: Jazz, contemporary and hip-hop come to mind.

Despite their success, the constant travel and Murphy's domestic commitments took their toll. She acted as a dance double for Julia Roberts in the movie Something to Talk About and appeared in Dance With Me, starring Vanessa L. She appeared in the 2010 movie "Degrassi Takes Manhattan" as a worker at a casino wedding chapel.

Murphy had opened the Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego in 1990 and found it difficult splitting herself between these two obligations. Open Standard final in an unprecedented six months. Murphy was part of the original guest judge and choreographer pool when season 1 began in 2005.

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