Metaphor of baseball and dating

Why a sandboy should be proverbially jolly is not clear.

An allusion to an old belief that the (burnt) hair of a dog would act as an antidote to the bite of a mad dog if it was placed on the wound.This indicates that 'jolly as a sandboy' was familiar enough to have an inn named from it, bit if sandboys' jollity was really inspired by their proverbial intake of alcohol it is hard to believe that an inn-sign would celebrate the fact, unless the sandboys were actually men.Probably they were just happy because what they sold for money cost them very little or nothing.This belief was in accordance with an older Roman one that 'like is cured by like', expressed in Latin as similia similibus curantura.Halcyon is the Greek, and in English literature a poetic word, for a kingfisher.

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