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The Ottawa-based private school, with a relatively small student population, quickly attracted true ultimate players.

Improving significantly over the last few years, Ashbury Colts finished 2nd at the Ottawa High School Cup last Spring, advancing to the Regional OFSAA Ultimate Invitational Tournament where the team finished 4th.

Since then, Bloor Collegiate’s ultimate program has seen rapid growth with a current roster comprised of several touring players.

Over the years, Bloor’s hallmark spirit of the game has resonated throughout all its games and was rewarded this year by receiving the 2016 Catch the Spirit’s Spirit award.

The team now has a young and hungry group of athletes who are seeking to leave their own footprints on the field of ultimate at the National tournament this year.

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Roster: Westdale Warriors (Hamilton, ON) Big fish in a small pond, Westdale has several Steeltown city championships under its belt.

In January 2014 the band announced that the Word Of Mouth tour would be the group's last for a while, as they want to take time out to pursue solo careers and other interests and They are going on break.

Bloor Golden Bears (Toronto, ON) The Bloor Golden Bears had never had an Ultimate team until 4 years ago.

The team is looking forward to playing some top teams and tough competition at our first CHSUC.

Ashbury College (Ottawa, ON) The Ashbury College Ultimate team, started off as a recreational program only four years ago.

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