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I would really recommend this "low cost" airline and will definitely fly Norwegian again.| This is the most disorganised airline I've ever booked with.Now will be in Rome at 3AM after a 4 hour wait for another plane and crew.

Norwegian Cruise Line is always breaking new ground in their itinerary offerings. The cruise line has ships leaving from New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans and Seattle.When we booked, we were not given a choice, but were assigned seats in row 8. Not great, but certainly welcome, The morning meal consisted of a sandwich, small cinnamon roll and juice. These were very inexpensive tickets, so we felt we got great value for our money. My flight from Orlando to Paris got delayed 3 times (total of 39 hours). Not only that but the staff were not very nice and it took them until 11pm to find us a hotel to stay in for 2 nights. Typically this time is not a problem since I had no checked luggage and was flying to my home country.My husband and I were seated together, but our friends (booked at the same time) were seated on either side of us. However, they did pay for all the food and the hotel. I tried to check in at the kiosks but they weren’t working so I was told to stand in line. The Boeing 787 is a great and very comfortable aircraft, with perfect lighting and comfortable seats. It was the first time I flew long haul with Norwegian and it was a very pleasant surprise.

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