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I had a really annoying phone call the other day and had just put the phone down when I was on the treadmill and it was so motivating!

I would say that around 1/3rd consists of 'at home' exercises, 1/3rd is gym based weight stuff, and i try and do alternative methods for the rest.. sorry I had to take the other one down, something was UP with the filter !Wearing : @fableticseu A post shared by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on ‘When I go to the gym, I usually set aside two hours,’ Louise tells uk – confirming the fact that to get her kind of abs, you’ve got to be putting in way more time than most of us do normally.‘I’ll do a five-minute warm-up which is usually an incline walk or a jog if I can be bothered or if I’m in a bad mood – it’s best to sweat it out.‘He has to wind down and he doesn’t like to have any technology around him…everything on aeroplane mode!Sure, I’ll ask advice but I know myself – its like when I ask for directions in the car, I just want reassurance.’ You might think that someone in such great shape is training all the time…but Louise says that she never trains more than four times a week.

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