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Goldberg, Ribisi, and Rapp are Mike, Cynthia, and Tony, the nerdy journalism-class kids who serve as the movie’s geek chorus, struggling to make sense of a world that places no value on their greatest asset, intelligence.Facing childhood trauma can be like a trip through the looking glass. Viewers are quickly drawn into the unsettling and well-acted story (*** out of four; rated R; opens Friday nationwide) of a haunted antique mirror that takes siblings Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites) back to the harrowing tragedy of their parents' grisly deaths. Kaylie (played as a child by Annalise Basso) endured the foster care system.Actually, the mirror directly led to their murders and threatened their own lives. Tim is more of a realist: He believes his mother (Katee Sackoff) had a psychological breakdown and his father (Rory Cochrane) was a murderer. Tim (played in youth by Garrett Ryan)) was shipped off to a mental institution.In honor of Rex Manning Day this Sunday, April 8, producer BILL WEINER just announced the acquisition of the theatrical stage rights to the beloved cult-hit 1995 film EMPIRE RECORDS, with plans to adapt the story for the Broadway stage as a musical.The film's original writer Carol Heikkinen will adapt her screenplay for the stage, with new music and lyrics by Zoe Sarnak, the 2018 Jonathan Larson Grant winner for her upcoming musical Afterwords.

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