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Message parameters specify data or the location of data used by a window procedure when processing a message.

The meaning and value of the message parameters depend on the message.

The system generates a message at each input event—for example, when the user types, moves the mouse, or clicks a control such as a scroll bar.

The system also generates messages in response to changes in the system brought about by an application, such as when an application changes the pool of system font resources or resizes one of its windows.

Most other messages, which are sent directly to a window procedure, are called The system can display any number of windows at a time.

They do not make explicit function calls (such as C run-time library calls) to obtain input.

For example, the WM_PAINT constant requests that a window paint its contents.

Symbolic constants specify the category to which system-defined messages belong.

Applications generally use these messages to control the operation of control windows created by using preregistered window classes.

Each system-defined message has a unique message identifier and a corresponding symbolic constant (defined in the software development kit (SDK) header files) that states the purpose of the message.

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