Sexy chat krela msg

The era of free social messaging apps has given each one the freedom of sending messages at cost zero.

Whats App is one such user-friendly app, which allows you to send, receive messages/ calls for free.

Since every smartphone today has Bluetooth connectivity, the Whats App Bluetooth app makes use of this option to send and receive messages.

The chat application does not send messages over the Internet connection.

Using the Bluetooth chat application seems pointless as you need to have your friends and family (with whom you would wish to chat with) also install the application on their smartphones.

Whats App Bluetooth uses your phone’s Bluetooth and allows you to indirectly send/receive messages for free.However, chat apps make you spend a specific amount of money on your Internet data each month.An Indian developer has created an app, which allows you to chat without the need of an Internet connection.He also has experience in helping children with Autism, Hyperactivity, Mental Retardation, Conduct Disorder etc.while at the same time being able to help the elderly with problems of Dementia and other behavioral problems due to old age.

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