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Some of these were poorly designed and resulted in problems, of which Pruitt-Igoe became a symbol of failure and was torn down.Since the 1980s, revitalization efforts have focused on downtown St.

Louis Zoo and a major United States port in eastern Missouri. Louis (CSA), includes the city as well nearby areas in Missouri and Illinois and is among the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the United States with a population of 2,900,605. Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau, and named for Louis IX of France.

The earliest European settlements in the area were built in Illinois Country (also known as Upper Louisiana) during the 1690s and early 1700s at Cahokia, Kaskaskia, and Fort de Chartres.

Migrants from the eastern French villages founded Ste.

Immigration has increased, and it is the center of the largest Bosnian population in the world outside their homeland. Louis relies on service, manufacturing, trade, transportation of goods, and tourism.

The city is home to several major corporations, including Express Scripts, Peabody Energy, Ameren, Ralcorp and Sigma-Aldrich. Louis is home to three professional sports teams: the St.

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