Sony the dating game

Pixel Ripped 1989 mixes a double layer of gaming as Nicola plays a series of games, from 2D retro consoles through to 3D stuff.

Not only are you playing a game inside another game, but the things you're playing can escape out in the 'real' world, so that you end up controlling the character as it jumps around your desk battling enemies.

Not only can you sculpt and create worlds in 3D space with friends, you can then go into what you've made and fly around with them.

Developer: Funbox Media Release date: Mar 2018This is something a little different: a turn-based strategy game that uses PS VR to let you look over the proceedings like it's a table top game.

Developer: Grab Games Release date: 2018Finally, the chance to get punched by an octopus in a boxing ring. This fighting game uses Move controllers to let you trade blows with a range of opponents, from more normal human people to the slightly outlandish.

As well as competing in the ring there are training sessions, mini games and other activities all build out of the medium of hitting things as hard as you can.

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So part boxing sim, part ramshackle reason to flail in people's faces and knock back too many beers.

Developer: Wildbit Studios Release date: Feb 2018This is a 3D painting program that lets you slap ink about in the space around you using Move controllers.

Because you're basically painting in the air in three dimensions its as much a sculpture tool as it is for flat art.

It'll use the Aim controller which promises to make for a fun experience.

It's also got cross platform support between PSVR, Vive and Oculus, so finding people to virtually shoot shouldn't be a problem.

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