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The ANDEAN PEOPLE call this Pachakuti "turning of the times." Since long ago the Andean culture zealously guarded their secrets.Now they are willing to share this ancient knowledge. Now is the time to participate in sacred ceremonies from an ancient, highly advanced civilization.Read our helpful article “How to prepare for your first reading” to get the most out of your first reading. Whether you’re looking to speak to a medium, clairvoyant, Tarot reader, astrologer or an angel reader, be re-assured that your expectations will be exceeded. Picture yourself breathing the mystical air at the heights of the Andes Mountains.

His shamanic way of life led him to the spiritual communities of Peru and Brazil, furthering his experiences in the magical dimensions of Pachamama and Wiraqocha.Mallku has uncovered unprecedented, significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces.His lectures and ceremonies demonstrate the importance of astronomical phenomena in the design and placement of the ancient temples.This path of sensitivity has permitted Mallku to relive the message of his ancestors over the years.His artistic vision is expressed through his photography, where he captures natures magical moments.

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