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If your company serves tens or even hundreds of thousands of users, you might spend your entire day engaging with customers that you are “meeting” for the first time... This lack of familiarity requires you to take an extremely delicate approach to how you converse with customers, and what topics you talk about.

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Putting the customer in the position of correcting you by having to explain their (worse) situation makes them and you feel awkward and will make it harder for you to help them feel supported, even if helping them means processing their cancellation. And if we’re asking, we better be really, really nice about it.Talking too much about yourself can also make a customer feel like you’re not actually interested in them - you’re only interested in talking about your own life.Don’t: Get into personal information and experiences.In this post, we cover a few quick dos and don’ts to consider next time you’re chatting with customers.By following these tips, you can help avoid awkward situations while providing enjoyable and personable experiences to your customers.

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