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It’s incredibly easy to set up, and once it’s installed, your computer (and you music software of choice) will recognise your i Pod as a generic MP3 device instead.

You can then drag and drop your music, rather than using i Tunes to transfer everything.

With that in mind, you don’t want to use your shiny i Pod touch or smartphone as your primary method of delivering entertainment in your vehicle.

Some of the later i Pod classic models have as much as 160 GB of storage space, with models as early as the 3rd Generation having up to 40 GB.an open source firmware that will replace your device’s original user interface.It’s compatible with every i Pod model up to the Nano 1g and the Mini (as well as a host of other non-Apple models) – thus covering most “back-of-the-drawer” devices.Even if you’ve already got a newer i Pod, you can still make good use of your old one.One such use is to transform your device into a USB portable hard drive.

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