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C., field office Depending on the variation, you may see a warning banner from a "government agency" or "software maker." In a different type of attack, known as Cryptolocker, you might simply get a pop-up message demanding ransom in exchange for the encryption key to restore the machine, he says.The "fine" -- aka ransom -- ranges from about 0 to 0, says Savage.

Another settled for a .9 million judgment, he says. If you don't recognize a charge, call your phone company for an explanation, Pozza says, and request a refund for anything you didn't authorize.The scam gets its name from the fact that third-party operations are "cramming" their bogus charges onto real phone bills.The tipoff: On the bills, unauthorized "fees" can show up as everything from horoscope alerts to ring tones, he says.If you are (or have already been) hit by this scam, contact the FBI's Internet Crime Complaints Center."You very well could have the one piece of information" that could help catch the criminals, says Savage. 4: Late utility bill The scam: Your utility company calls: You're behind on the bill.

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