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On closer examination, the officers found blood on the ground around the car as well on the car’s exterior. Simpson: About…the limo was supposed to be there at . I was rushing around — somewhere between there and 11. Simpson: Eleven o’clock, yea, somewhere in that area.

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After securing the scene and making a cursory walk-through, the detectives began calling the closest family members. No, just about rushing to the airport, about how I live my life on airplanes, and hotels, that type of thing. He immediately informed the other officers of his discovery. The officers realized that the Simpson home was related to the original crime scene and they began taking action to secure the premises. After securing the grounds of Simpson’s estate, the officers returned to the crime scene at Nicole’s home where lab specialists were already gathering evidence. Her mother said something about me joining them for dinner, and I said no thanks. Simpson: Ah, home, home for a while, got my car for a while, tried to find my girlfriend for a while, came back to the house. Officers found a mountain of evidence which over the course of time, proved without a doubt that Simpson was the perpetrator of the double murder.

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