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Nicole’s father and sister, Denise, answered the phone simultaneously. You know, I’m always …I had to run and get my daughter some flowers.

Nicole’s father took the news solemnly while Denise reacts with great emotion screaming – “OJ did it! ” Denise dropped the phone and the officers heard several women screaming in the background – “OJ killed Nicole! I was actually doing the recital, so I rushed and got her some flowers, and I came home, and then I called Paula as I was going to her house, and Paula wasn’t home.

They tried calling on the intercom outside of the walled-off property.

While attempting to reach Simpson inside the home, they saw a white Bronco parked hastily outside the gate.

They decided that famous ex-NFL star running back, O. Simpson, must be the first to be informed of his ex-wife’s murder partly because they knew he would be concerned for his children who were now in custody of the police, but mostly because, well, he was “The Juice”.

The officers arrived at the Simpson home and noticed several cars in the driveway and lights on in the house.

Peering inside the gate they could see blood, lots of blood, and Nicole’s lifeless body lying on the private sidewalk that led to her front door.

When officers from the LAPD arrived on the scene, they discovered a second body which was later identified as 25-year-old Ronald Goldman. Lange: So yesterday you did drive the white Bronco? Lange: And where did you park it when you brought it home?

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Officers found a mountain of evidence which over the course of time, proved without a doubt that Simpson was the perpetrator of the double murder. Officer Lange detected something unusual about Simpson’s demeanor – when told of his wife’s death he reacted with only mild shock. Lange had investigated hundreds of murders in his twenty-year career, and noted that family members usually react with much more emotion, and they usually ask the same questions – how did the person die, where did they die, etc. Simpson, at this point, had become a strong suspect. Vannatter: OK, you left her, you’re saying, about or 7, or she left the recital? Upon arriving back in LA, officers were further surprised that Simpson had already secured the services of a prominent lawyer – Robert Shapiro. Lee Baily, Alan Denshowitz, and other members to his elite “dream team” of attorneys.

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