When updating to ios 5

After you download the jailbreak program and follow the steps, you can then go and enter in i OS 7 at Cydia to search for jailbreak programs.

I recommend one in the link above, so you may want to take my advice on this one if you don’t know your way around the Cydia App store.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Any additional help or replies are greatly appreciated.

Like you said (You've never seen such a jump in upgrading).

when updating to ios 5-26

Warmest Regards, Mak **************[Personal Information Edited by Host] This i Pad2Wi Fi should be very able to have i OS) (although there are some features that will not be available).

As you still have issues with it: perhaps it will go better with a mac: if you can use a mac (of a friend perhaps or even better in the Apple shop) and you connect the i Pad to that (it will ask if you trust that computer, answer yes) you may succeed to upgrade. Lex Dear Lex, Thank you very much again for your prompt reply. If it still does not work, I come back on my earlier post and go to the Apple Shop (.. My copany have 14 i Pad 2 Wifi, 10 of them with i OS 4.3.5 and they cannot be upgrade with i Tunes (tested with itunes 10/11/12).

It is not a security problems, because I use a free firewall/Virus Tools laptop.

But ever since i OS 5, that's not true anymore.

Now you can install i Phone software updates wirelessly.

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