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Police arrested the younger Gotti at the home of his grandmother Victoria, the widow of the mob boss, where cops found hundreds of oxycodone pills, according to investigators.

Dubbed “Operation Beach Party,” the probe resulted in undercover purchases of more than ,000 worth of oxycodone in the last year, said NYPD chief of detectives Robert Boyce.

Linda Gotti was dating D'Agnese at the time, and investigators have long theorized she was pressured by her father and uncle not to rat out the gunmen who were Gambino associates.

Peter Gotti was irate when he learned his daughter was in the bar when the mayhem erupted, another source said.

Federal agents raided the Old Westbury, New York, home of Victoria Gotti, the daughter of late mob boss John Gotti, Wednesday, according to reports. Victoria Gotti is the daughter of mob legend John Gotti and is also famous for the reality show she had with her three sons 10 years ago. Reese Witherspoon rocks bold blue and red dress as she delivers keynote at Watermark Conference for Women She's gonna be a supermodel!She was a columnist at the New York Post and the American tabloid Star. But after 18 years of their marriage they divorced.She has also authored several books including 'Senator's Daughter (1997) to 'This Family of Mine'. She divorced him on grounds of construction abandonment (no sexual relations for more than a year) because he was in jail.Victoria Gotti is a writer and reality television personality. In 2005, she claimed that she had breast cancer by the media.She is the daughter of the deceased Gambino crime family Mafia boss, John Gotti and her mother is Victoria Di Giorgio, who is of Russian ancestry on her mother's side. However, she admitted soon that she did have precancerous cells present on her breast rather than actual diagnosis.

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