Ya dating

Try Not to Jump In Yes, we’ve all been there when we’ve hit it off with someone almost instantly.

However, this isn’t a green light to go ahead and start being a bit too flirty.

The one thing about young love that’s pretty certain is this: It leads to young heartbreak.

Okay, fine, every so often there’s that extra-special love-at-first-sight-for-life pair but if we’re playing the odds, that’s just not in the offing for most of us.

Would you be happy with someone speaking to you in that way?Avoid the bog standard “let’s meet for a coffee” chat and instead suggest something fun like wall climbing, laser tag or even something totally random such as ice skating.Keep it fun and you’re bound to attract your date way more than if you’d just gone out for the usual dinner and drinks date.Of course, check with her first that she’s up for it as she may actually just want to get to know you over some cocktails and yummy food.And who knows where the night may end after some drinks…

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